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Question about anal sex. Mature answers only please.?
The sex is really hot in my opinion between me and my husband. HOWEVER he wants to start heating things up even more. We've done some things that I like; we roll play, do every position possible and just recently we were joking around about anal sex- then he got serious. I'm trying to be open minded so I told him to start out slow, so last time we did it he stuck his finger in and it wasn't horrible but it wasn't that good. This REALLY turned him on, and honestly I'm not to exited about moving to the next step so I suggested we cool it for a while with the anal, thats all I said and He got all pissy and says "fine we'll just do it missionary from now on!" and made me feel boring, or like he's bored with our sex or something, when all I want is some time and mental preperation lol. I mean we're married and have the rest of our lives to try these things out right? I'm just not sure what to expect when the time comes. So any mature advice, opinions, knowledge on this subject, please share.
just try it. It is uncomfortable and it hurts a bit at first, but it is actually really enjoyable. Just make sure he takes his time and uses plenty of lube.
Rough anal sex? (mature)?
About a year ago, my boyfriend and I tried anal but I guess I wasn't ready or something, cause something inside my anus ripped. It hurt to poop and eventually I got constipation, making everything worse.

Still, a year later, there is this one spot inside my anus that tears apart when I poop too big.

It's definitely a tear (or cut) not a hemorrhoid....
ughhh how can I fix this? What's wrong with me?
I find it hard to believe a fissure would have not healed in a year. Presumably you've tried treating it with the usual ointments/suppositories?
If they haven't worked you should see the doctor about it - asap!
Only answer if your mature...... se% and anal?
I seen porn starts having anal and the guys penis always comes out clean, and then the woman put it in their mouth... how dirty is that ? and how do they clean it is there an specif cleaning solution, by putting in your mouth can it give you some type of infections... can anyone help ,,,,, no stupid answers please ................. thanks
Haha. In porn, if the girl's going to have anal, she usually has an enema first (at least in decent budget porn, haha).
Anal intercourse questions, mature ppl only!?
Okay, thought has crossed my mind. How does poop not apear on the penis?
Does it hurt the girl?
And, me and my man have tried, but for some reason... Its hard to get it in there, whats a easy way, or how can i get it in there.....

Sorry for some odd question. but i am curious.

please be mature with your answers. thx.
Well, I can't really answer the first, I guess because it doesn't surround it. And yes, at first it is very painful (to the point I wanted to scream!) but after a couple times it got better, still very sore after, but not as much during. Its the after that's really the killer: it hurts to sit, walk, lay, and especially to go to the bathroom.

The easiest way is lots of lube, or just the different positions. What usually works best when your first trying is either the girl on hands and knees and the guy on knees (typical) or sitting on the guys lap. Both are somewhat painful though. Hope that helped some.
A question about anal cancer.. (Mature answers only) *10 points*?
Okay I feel VERY embarrassed about asking this but I really need to know. Okay so I think I will start off by telling a little about my situation I have anal sex evey once in awhile with my boyfriend and it is unprotected. We both get checked for std's and are clean. So now that you know that heres whats going on with me now. I have noticed for awhile now that when I "Go" to the bath room and wipe there is a clear stretchy discharge from my "area". I know this sounds SO gross and I'm sorry but I am freaking out. I don't know whats wrong I go to the bathroom normal and there is no pain down there. Also I sometimes have a little bit of itching but nothing serious or constant. Do you think it sounds like anal cancer ?? I'm am soo scared and was hoping someone in here could ease my mind. I can to scared and embarrassed to go to the doctor right now.
According to the American Cancer Society the main symptoms of anal cancer are:

•Rectal bleeding
•Rectal itching
•Pain in the anal area
•Change in the diameter of stool
•Abnormal discharge from the anus
•Swollen lymph nodes in the anal or groin areas

There are a number of benign conditions, like hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, and anal warts that can cause similar symptoms. But if any of the signs or symptoms of anal cancer are present, discuss them with your doctor without delay.

Sounds like you only have one symptom (sadly, that may be enough) but I would have a doctor check it. It may be embarrassing but I would rather suffer a few moments of that than let a cancer spread or get worse.

Embarrassment has never killed anyone, Cancer has!
My boyfriend only wants to have anal sex (mature answers only, please)?
My boyfriend and I did it last week. It was the first time for both of us. After the initial pain, I actually liked it well enough. We did it again a couple days later because I had started my cycle. I was a bit sore afterwards and never got all the way there either time, but he seemed to really like it and it was enjoyable at times for me.

Anyhow, today he said he wants to only have anal sex from now on. I had a pregnancy scare a few months back (I am on the pill, and it turned out to be a false alarm, but it still happened). And now, he's scared of becoming a father again.

While he was talking about only having anal from now on, I brought up him wearing condoms and doing it the normal way. He immediately shot that down, saying that they felt different and cramped his style.

I'm not anti-it, but the thought of only doing it that way isn't something I want.

What should I do?
Well if it isn't something you want, make that clear to him.
He should be willing to compromise and put his penis in your pussy. As well as, you giving him some compromise by letting him put it in you bum.

If he or you isn't willing to make that agreement, then I would suggest telling him that its either he man's up and realizes that most relationships he is going to get into are going to be vagina oriented or withhold sex from him till he really wants some vaginal intercourse.

Tell him you aren't giving him your hole until he makes some compromise.

If you don't like the idea of anal all the time
(which most likely will cause some issues, if done frequently)
then it isn't going to work out for you two.
Anal bleeding ( mature answers only)?
I have had bright red blood on the t.p. after i take a bowel movement. It has been going on for a couple of months now. It is every time i have a bowel movement. not straining alot too, but some. Can anyone help me out? I have no insurance.
rectal bleeding can be a sign of several common ailments such as hemorrhoids, or anal fissures (tearing or the rectal skin) also it can be a sign of something more serious, like colon cancer (dont be afraid! this is unlikely the problem)
id suggest you google your symptoms so you can better identify whats going on in your bod. once you have a better understanding, definatly get it checked out by a doc as you said it has been happening for several months. doctors have dealt with everything under the sun, so theres really no need to be embarassed. better to be safe then sorry, right?
Anal bleeding after masturbation? Mature people only.?
I masturbated anally a couple days ago and am noticing some bleeding while I was using the bathroom. It's only bleeding when I use the bathroom and I just want to know what to do. I don't have insurance for the doctor, so I can't really go.
Don't use things that are too fat, they might be stretching your anus causing bleeding.
Anal sex help (Mature adults only)?
Me and my boyfriend of 2 years finally had anal sex for the first time lastnight. Surprisingly it was SO enjoyable, I might even cancel our vagina intercourse, and stay with anal! Hahahah.

Anyway, I'm a little self concious of..."poop". At first he would finger my anus until i was relaxed etc.

What should i do, so i can feel confident? the entire time i panic b/c i think there is crap all over his fingers, penis, or if my butt smells.

I heard you should always go to the bathroom first, and make sure everything is clean around the butthole.
How should i make sure the INSIDE of my butthole is clean? (without buying anything...just doing it at home)

Any tips, suggestions, or advice about anal sex is appreciated as well.

(please no immature comment)
There are a couple ways of doing it, one is using an enema and cleansing the entire bowel out. When we and my wife started anal sex, I had her do this the first time. But taking an enema can give the urge to have a bowel movement even after the initial one. So we came up with a better way that has been very successful. Not one shitty situation has occurred after about 50 times having anal sex so far. She uses body wash or soap and inserts her index finger with soap and water applied inside her hole. She inserts it pretty far up, about as far as possible. Than she removes it, rinses the finger off, reapply more soap and water and repeat. It may take a few insertions to clean the rectum. Usually this is to just to clean up whatever the toilet paper wasn't able to get. We have never had a problem. I also lick her down there during oral and than we end up having anal sex. I have never seen any poop! On occasion she may constipated and she'll let me know that it's not a good time to have anal. Good bowel habits and diet will usually dispense all the fecal matter during a bowel movement. There should not be any excess left near the opening. Sometimes people who have constipation or hard stools will have this problem. Those are probably the people who have a lot of poop close to the outside of the rectum. A good diet, eating fruits, fiber, etc and you will not have that issue. Once you get a good feel for your body and the cleansing, you will know if your clean or not. A good test is to always insert your finger in there. if it's clean, you should be able to lick it afterward and not taste anything crappy.

Good luck!
Anal sex problem?! [mature people only please]?
Heres the deal,
I have been with my boyfriend for two years...and we have always been guyna wierd with sex.. biting scratching all that kind of stuff.. oe day we tried anal and he LOVED it.... i HATED! it.. now he has become addicted to it.. in the past two years we have had anal sex about 12 times.... now i dont want to do it at ALL and i always tell him.. later,, later ...later... and i feel bad because he always gives me what i ask for... should i just give in?
or what im so confussed... once it is in its fine... i like it... its the putting it in part that i hate!
Simple! A lot of lube and gentle poking first with finger and then with the tip of his dick, plus a lot of words of love, etc., etc., until you are completely relaxed and no time you will find it sliding in easily and slowly. Enjoy it!
Its fun, sweet and beautiful. I love it too. Just haven't got a gf who loves it too.

all the best!/

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