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If you're a guy, would you rather be caught wearing girls panties or the secret underwear that mormons wear?
I rather be caught wearing panties and I'm a strait guy
That's ironically funny! If mormons knew you were wearing girls panties, they would laugh. Isn't it odd that mormons don't feel the same way about us laughing at THEIR underwear? They get all bent out of shape! Odd. But so double standard.

Anyway, those garmets are getting smaller and smaller every season. Just another part of the fashion scenery. Hems go up, hems go down. Mormon underwear always gets smaller. Consistently.

It's just alternate underwear. I truly feel sorry for them when they really gotta "go"! Imagine, also, something considered so sacred, getting soiled? Eww. Its a mormon thing.
How do i exidently get caught wearing panties?
i always wanted my sister to force me into her panties.. and dressed as a girl. but i dont know how to "exidently" get caught maybe one of u girls can pik me up and cross dress me
you need to stay out of your sister undies you get out of them they are not for you you can be a sissy with your own things not hers she will never forgive you if she finds out
I caught my husband wearing panties and a bra, how would you handle it?
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I have been researching men that do this and I am still confused.
Hmm... Laugh or cry? I guess it depends. Did it look like it was a habitual thing? Or did it look like he was goofing off?

I'm pretty sure talking about it (without shaming him) is the best thing to do. Remember to not place shame on him - this will only make him feel guilty, dirty, and awful. In fact, it may just drive him to do it more and lie about it! Instead try to find out why. Maybe there are other underlying issues - he was exploring, he was bored, he likes the way they feel, or maybe there's a different sexual behavior involved?

I knew a woman who caught her boyfriend wearing women’s underwear. The underwear/clothing didn’t belong to her! He bought them (wig, underwear, clothing, and shoes). Oh and did I mention she caught him in the act! Apparently it was a habitual, sexual thing for him. He created the mood with candle lights. He had props (if you know what I mean) set out on the coffee table. His women’s underwear wearing habit was definitely NOT just the “I like the way it feels” or “I’m goofing around wearing your undies” thing.

Chat it up with him… I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation.
Caught son wearing panties ?
I caught my son wearing panties and he said they were his friends 19 year old sisters. He said they were used but dry. Can he get any diseases from this? I contacted the girls and they don't have any infections or diseases.
well...i'm glad you are concerned for his health more than freaked out by his wanting to wear panties. now you to him about it...find out what it's all about and see how you can help him. it might just be a silly little panty which case you just buy him his own panties and move on...or it might be a symptom of something that needs much more care.

yes....there are certain....problems that could come from wearing someone else's underwear...i wouldn't be too worried, but there are fungi, and certain...."bugs" that can be transferred in that way. just keep an eye on him and if anything looks out of place....see your doc.

if i were one of the girls you asked...first off....i'd be mad as heck at him...maybe mad enough to not be real quiet about it around his friends. that wasn't one of the brightest moves to make.....and then...if they did have you honestly think they'd tell you about it?

you gotta think these things through a little BEFORE you start getting all hysterical.

much love and hope. pj
Caught bf wearing my panties?
I caught my bf today wearing a lacy pair of my panties (I got home from work early) and now I am just like what????!! Is he gay? Should I leave him?
That's hot. Why would you leave him? So what if he's wearing your undergarments. Would you rather he wear someone else's?
My son caught me wearing panties!?
I was changing after a shower and he walked into the room at the wrong time. I'm not gay! I just leave the feel of soft sleek panties caressing my private areas. How can I explain myself without coming off as a freaky creep?
say to him,
alright mate, we need to have a talk.
now, me and (someone from works name) had a bet that if i wore panties for a whole week he would give me 100 bucks.
so far, im going pretty good. haha so im not gay or nothing son.
For the ladies I was Caught Wearing panty?
I was caught wearing panties now my GF is going to go make me buy a pair and a bra too. what color do i have to get and do i need binkis or breif and what do i tell the salesgal if she ask who the are for?
Get a color that brings out your eyes (think your favorite shirt and get one that matches it.)

You can honestly say that they are for your GF. She doesn't have to now that you'll be the one modeling for her.

Good Luck!
Caught wearing my sisters panties?
ok one night i was wearing my sisters panties in bed and my sister was taking a shower. I all of a suden had to go to the bathroom so i put a pair of boxer on and went into the bathroom. Onve i got into the bathroom i realized i was wearing my pair of boxers without a hole in the front of them. So i pulled down my boxers and just as i was about to pull down my panties my sister stuck her head out of the shower then suck it back in really fast and so i finished going and when i was about to walk out she poked her head out again and asked me why i was wearing her underwear so i denied it but it wasnt any good and then i just told her it was because they were more comfortable than mine and then she said i could keep the pair i was wearing because they were to big for her and she told me to ask my mom to by me briefs which i never did. Then a couple of weeks later my mom found out where i kept her panties and she asked me about it and i said it was because there comfortable
Yeah, because I would ask complete strangers about this one................nice imagination though
I just caught my brother wearing my panties again what should I do?
I have told my mother about this and she just told me it is a passing fad. I just know he goes to the hamper and takes a few pairs and a few weeks later they magically reaapear in the washer. What can I do about this? He is 15. I am thinking of inviting my friends over and then pull down his pants so all the girls can see his panties or should I say my panties!
he's 15 and does this ?!
im 14 and it seems kinda wierd to me.
have u asked him why he's doing this ?
maybe there's a reason even if its
something little since that's whats
making him want ur underwear so much. but
yeah, is he guyding or does he do it
too much that its serious ? whatever the
case is try finding out what he does
with them weather he wears them or
something. well g'luck with that :D

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